What are the Real Risks of Body Piercing? — Advice for Parents & Teens

What are the Real Risks of Body Piercing? — Advice for Parents & Teens

Are you or your teen thinking about a frame piercing? Is it hard to peer eye-to-eye in this subject, or are you simply now no longer positive what the actual dangers of frame piercing are? Sometimes it is difficult to split the records from the myths surrounding frame modification. When that happens, it may make it even tougher for mother and father and young adults to return back to an settlement on whether or not a frame piercing is a suitable shape of self-expression.

First, you have to apprehend that the dangers of frame piercing are very actual. There are real issues that could and do stand up, and those should not be ignored. On the alternative hand, through taking sure precautions and taking right care of your piercings, you may limit your risk of getting a trouble and significantly boom the possibilities that you’ll be one of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who will emerge as with a healthy, everyday piercing.

What are the fitness dangers of frame piercing?


  • Infection. Without right care, contamination can result in scarring or even blood poisoning. Infections of piercings are unattractive and may be very dangerous.
  • Allergic Reaction. Some human beings are touchy to sure metals and best find out this whilst they’re pierced and feature a excessive response to the earrings. The rash, swelling, and issue respiratory can result in surprise and hospitalization.
  • Nerve Damage. If a piercing isn’t always located carefully, it may be driven thru a nerve, severing it and making the encompassing location completely deadened to any feeling.
  • Excessive Bleeding. This is simply what it sounds like. If you get pierced and occur to hit a big blood vessel, you may have issue preventing the bleeding and might emerge as withinside the emergency room getting it cauterized. Not quite.
  • Risk of Cross-Contamination. You may also grow to be cross-infected through Hepatitis, the HIV virus, or any other blood-borne pathogen is you’re pierced through improperly sterilized needles.
  • Keloids. These are toughened knots of scar tissue that appear like cysts at the bottom of a piercing that now and again shape for no cause on the webweb page of a piercing.
  • Can’t donate blood. Is it essential in an effort to be a blood donor? Is there a person for your own circle of relatives who’s sick and might want blood donations withinside the close to future? Don’t get pierced. You can’t donate blood for twelve months once you have pierced — no exceptions.
  • Dental Risks. There are numerous issues that could stand up from oral piercings, consisting of chipped teeth, worn teeth enamel, harm to the gums and jaw line from wear, or even aspiration (inhaling) of a unfastened piece of jewellery into the lungs. Infection and swelling of the tongue is likewise a possibility, and may be very unpleasant.


Are there different frame piercing dangers?

It relies upon on what you bear in mind a chance. There are actually stuff you have to bear in mind that you may name capability drawbacks to getting pierced. Among those are:


  • Pain. How a great deal of a weenie are you? If you cannot tolerate pain, you will be risking struggling greater than you want in your vanity. Some piercings rarely harm in any respect, others may be quite difficult for some weeks.
  • Cost. Do you’ve got got the cash to pay now no longer best for the piercing and earrings, however for the aftercare products, which include Provon® or Satin® and H2Ocean®?
  • Commitment. You are setting your self at chance in case you cannot smooth your piercing each day, two times an afternoon. Period. End of discussion. And you need to do your sea salt soaks or H2Ocean® remedies with out fail.
  • Judgment of Others. Let’s get actual. You might not need to pay attention this one, however face it; others may also decide you primarily based totally for your piercings, so actually assume this one thru. Will it hassle you if others stare as aleven though they’re scared of you? Do you need to should provide an explanation for your self or do away with your piercing for activity interviews? Will you experience badly in case your piercing upsets your grandparents or own circle of relatives friends?


Okay, we have got checked out the dangers of frame piercing, and also you (or your teen) are nonetheless sure that a piercing is a “need to have.” How do you save you all of these frightening opportunities we referred to in our listing of fitness dangers? By doing all of your homework! A excellent piercing with a low chance of contamination or different headaches is the end result of selecting a excellent, expert piercer and having the piercing completed withinside the right surroundings.

What have to you search for in a piercing parlor with a view to lessen the dangers of frame piercing?

First impressions count! When you stroll withinside the door, test the ready location. Is it smooth, neat and expert looking? If the the front of the store isn’t always smooth, it is a positive element that they cannot preserve the returned location smooth. If you first influence makes you wary, flip round and stroll out the door.


Check to ensure they’re certified through the neighborhood board of fitness to perform as a piercing studio, and ensure their license hasn’t expired. Also search for club in a diagnosed institution which include the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), which units excessive requirements for club and calls for sizeable training. An APP certification will suggest that the piercers have taken training and been thru a rigorous apprenticeship program.

Helpful, Knowledgeable Staff

Ask questions, and plenty of them. If the personnel do not know the solutions and are greater like income clerks pushing earrings than anything, you have to be wary. They may also have a excessive flip-over of group of workers for a few cause; that is additionally a crimson flag. If, however, they are able to solution your piercing questions and provide you with excellent, clean advice, then they were well-educated through a person with experience.

The one exception can be if the studio may be very big and that they have some income individuals who best paintings the the front counters. If that is the case and also you start asking questions, they have to solution surely that they’re salespeople, and be inclined to refer you to a piercer or apprentice who can talk your worries with you. There have to constantly be a piercer on vicinity on the studio or parlor whilst it’s far open — constantly.

Printed statistics

Ask to peer the aftercare statistics they offer to people getting pierced. If you pay attention, “Oh, your piercer will provide an explanation for all that to you,” insist on seeing the published model earlier than getting pierced. If they do not have revealed, step-through-step commands, stroll away. It is simply too smooth to neglect about what you want to do, neglect about the call of the product you have to be the use of, etc. in case you do not have revealed commands. If they are not inclined to spend the cash to print the commands for his or her clients, who is aware of in which else they is probably reducing corners!

Read thru the aftercare commands and notice if they’re present day with the triumphing requirements. A excellent manner to assess that is through checking them towards what you notice on webweb sites which include BME, Tribalectic and APP. If the piercing literature nonetheless recommends the use of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, for instance, to smooth your piercing, then the studio isn’t always preserving up with the present day studies in frame piercing care and might motive you useless struggling and longer recovery times.

The regulations are there for a cause

If you are a teen and that they do not ask for I.D. or let you know to return back returned with a figure or mother or father, do now no longer thank your fortunate stars. Leave! The regulation says your figure needs to be present, and any studio that bends or breaks the regulations on one difficulty will do the identical on others.

In different words, if they’re inclined to “forget about” one rule to seize your cash, they’ll forget about others to show a better profit. They may also determine that the cost of an autoclave is useless, or that reusing piercing needles is a fantastic manner to store a few cash. You are a minor and feature very little safety with out your mother and father present, and that they understand this — this is why they do it — to take gain of you, natural and simple. If you’ll get pierced, ensure you’re taking a figure or mother or father with you in your very own safety. If they have been cool sufficient to get this a long way with you, they may live to tell the tale going to a piercing parlor, agree with me.

The relaxation of the area

We’ve made it beyond the ready room and determined that the piercing parlor appears ok so a long way; they’ve present day credentials and fitness certificates, their aftercare commands appearance excellent, and that they had Dad signal a consent shape. Are we equipped to go? Not yet. You nonetheless want to test some greater matters. Don’t be afraid to interrogate them approximately the piercing room and the sterilization manner itself. These are of the maximum essential matters to bear in mind.

Ask those questions earlier than ever getting pierced:


  • Do you sterilize your equipment in an autoclave? May I see your maximum current spore take a look at results? If they do not do spore checking out as a minimum as soon as a month, do not get pierced there. Spore checking out is the best manner to understand if an autoclave is efficiently sterilizing the equipment, and autoclave sterilization is the best technique accepted through the Association of Professional Piercers.
  • How lengthy have you ever been piercing, and the way did you analyze? Body piercing is complex, and any piercer who’s a expert will gladly provide an explanation for in which he found out and from whom. It takes pretty some time to analyze what sorts of earrings and needles are excellent for every piercing and to discover ways to area the piercings optimally. If a piercer appears protecting or much less than forthcoming, be hesitant to allow him contact you with a needle.
  • May I see the room in which you may be doing the piercing, and might I watch you put up? Check out the location in which the piercings are completed. Do they wipe down the location earlier than and after each piercing? Do they keep a smooth, dirt unfastened surroundings in any respect times? When putting up, ensure that the sterilized contraptions are placed on a tray and now no longer touched besides with washed, gloved hands. Make positive the piercer makes use of gloves for the whole piercing and modifications them frequently.
  • What form of piercing needles do you use? There is best one accurate solution: Single-use, pre-sterilized, disposable needles. These have to now no longer be opened besides for your presence on the time of the piercing. If they use a piercing gun for any piercing, go away immediately. No frame piercing have to ever be completed with a piercing gun, which reasons bruising, trauma and immoderate tearing and bleeding.


“I’ve selected the parlor and piercer and I were given a actually cool frame piercing. Now what?”

AFTERCARE!!! There is not anything as important to addressing the dangers of frame piercing as well following the hints for piercing aftercare. Since you have selected a reliable, expert piercer, you’ll have a fixed of aftercare commands with a view to let you know what to do to well take care of your piercings.

Do now no longer pass an afternoon due to the fact you’re too tired, too busy, or due to the fact you “neglect about.” Aftercare is actually preventative care — you’re taking care of your piercing a good way to save you an contamination and to allow the wound to heal well. While following your aftercare commands, look ahead to symptoms and symptoms of hassle so you can deal with them early on earlier than they become actual issues.

Signs of a capability trouble which you have to carry to the eye of your mother and father (in case you are a minor) or your piercer are:


  • Discharge this is inexperienced or yellow from the piercing
  • Splitting, oozing or cracking and bleeding of a piercing greater than every week old
  • Swelling and redness after the primary few days
  • Pain and redness or crimson streaks radiating out from the piercing
  • Migration (motion of the piercing) up thru the layers of skin
  • Difficulty respiratory and swelling of the tongue inside hours of a piercing, specifically an oral piercing
  • A rash or hives quickly after a piercing
  • A lump or bump forming at the bottom of the piercing


In a few cases, you’ll want to peer a doctor; in others your piercer may be capable of propose you at the right steps to relieve the situation. The essential element is to seize any small issues earlier than they become huge ones. If you comply with your aftercare commands and screen your piercing carefully, you may limit the dangers of frame piercing so you can revel in your new frame piercing completely!

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