The Silver Phoenix is Rising Once more

I don’t think we are in Kansas any longer Toto.”1

Is Silver Truly Cash?

Does It Make a difference?

I wish I had a troy ounce of silver for each time I have experienced those inquiries on the net! Newsflash, the renowned ISO (Global Association for Institutionalization) has set the norms for universal monetary standards. Silver and gold are recorded by the ISO as monetary forms. A captivating brisk asset for data with respect to money ISO 4217 is Wikipedia obviously. Silver’s cash code is a blend of X and its concoction image AG; consequently its money code is XAG. Following a similar rationale, gold’s money code is XAU. Every cash is appointed a 3 digit numeric code. Silver is cash number 961. Its standard is set at one ounce of silver. Along these lines, Silver is a universally perceived cash and not only an illusion in the fervid minds of rural gold bugs. Actually, I have even exchanged the XAG/USD cash pair at European financier houses and the XAU/USD at Go to and look at it. They are the main U.S. firm contribution this fantastic speculation vehicle. It requires just about $200 per contract! Be that as it may, is silver cash? Answer, NO. General guideline, in the event that you can’t purchase a piece of candy with it, it isn’t cash.

I can’t simply drop into my nearby Starbucks and purchase an enormous cinnamon dulce latte (costly mix) with 35 silver pennies. My barista would see me like I had been smoking some of Ben Bernanke’s recently printed central bank notes in my Expectation Bong (tragically, both are too inexhaustible at this point). Truly, a cup of Joe at Starbucks would just cost 35 silver pennies ($4.35 for a latte partitioned by the cost of one once of silver on April ninth, 2009 which was $12.35). Right now of “regulated”2 fiat monetary standards (“legitimately” fake monies), at present headed by red sovereign Ben Bernanke (off with every one of your heads dear perusers), all monetary forms are unstable including silver. Yet, silver has lost next to no buying influence comparative with the bathroom tissue monetary forms (the establishing fathers called it “cloth cash”) like the U.S. Dollar and the English Pound. Since 1913 when the U.S. Congress was controlled into surrendering the Dollar to the control of a private financial cartel, it has lost in excess of 95 percent of its worth. We gave them a Dollar whose buying influence had remained genuinely steady (contrasted with paper cash since 1913) for over a hundred years and they have given us back a couple discolored pennies. Reasonable trade? Hell No! Those of you who are not logophobic are allowed, in the security of your own home, to utilize increasingly fitting harsher language. This is a shock that warrants coarse speech and exemplary displeasure. The deliberate debasing of our dollar is what is known as the speculative chemistry of money. We are as of now encountering the sad consequences of the money related wizards (focal financial cartels) attempting to transform paper into gold. Extraordinary occupation folks. Truly, you Paul Volker and Sir Alan Greenspan3 (two past fiscal wizards who were delegated as red sovereigns). Dear peruser, next time you drop in to your neighborhood café (on the off chance that you can stand to now) recollect in 1913 a normal cup of Joe just expense around 5¢ to 10¢ (pennies).


Money Road and the Belt Course won’t however Central avenue (you and I) can remonetize silver. Silver has been winning the People groups Decision Grant as cash for truly a huge number of years. Like the legendary phoenix it will rise once more. This is a lot simpler than immanentizing the eschaton. Remonetization will make 3 beginning strides.

Stage 1 Give the Silver Ounce – Cash XAG an Image. Try not to belittle the intensity of an image.

Stage 2 Utilize Silver as a Unit of Record. The utilization silver as a “unit of record” can help shield you based on what is known in the new study of conduct account as the “cash hallucination” (In consequent articles I’ll exhibit how this can give you X-beam money related vision). Prepare to remove those emerald glasses Dorothy.

Stage 3 Mint a “coin metal” silver money. Insight: genuine coin metal is 90 % silver and 10 % copper not unreasonably 99.9% visitor stuff that is at present being stamped for the imprints by most governments. Why mint coins that are 99.9% “unadulterated”, in light of the fact that they Realize you can’t utilize it as a money since it isn’t sufficiently strong! Wizard’s first standard – individuals are idiotic. How about we refute them. It is safe to say that you are sufficiently furious to accomplish something?

Another Image for Silver Cash

Stage 1 we have to dispatch another image for silver cash. In 1787 (year of the Sacred Show in Philadelphia) a Dollar, the first “$”, was 371.25 grains of unadulterated silver (the normal silver substance of Bits of Eight or Spanish Reals as estimated by a congressional commission). The colonials’ principle money was Spanish dollars. Our establishing fathers keep their bookkeeping records (silver as the unit of record) in Spanish Silver Dollars-Reals. Since the silver dollar image $ has been high jacked by the financial cartel to speak to cloth cash as paper central bank notes, we need another image for the ISO Silver Money XAG.

You can locate the Silver Money Image I made and now offer up in the opposition of thoughts and images at my site.

Let opportunity ring with the sound of genuine silver cash once more!

Much obliged such a lot of dear peruser for tuning in to my story and thinking about my suggestions. May the undeniable trends fill your sails and may there consistently be a lot of silver in your pockets. Affirmative, Yes Matey, recollect chief rock’s undying words “Bits of Eight, Bits of Eight!”4


  1. FYI, Dorothy wasn’t wearing ruby shoes in the first Wizard of Oz. She was wearing silver shoes as she skirted down the yellow block street (otherwise known as gold bullion) with Toto, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Fainthearted Lion. The Wizard of Oz was a grown-up moral story covered up inside a kids’ story. Straightforward Baum expounded on the late nineteenth century American fight between Money Road and center America. Google it!
  2. Be careful “controlled” is likewise code for new enactment supported by a similar awkward money related premiums that presented to you the fundamental hazard that lead to the current budgetary emergency. For a brilliant guide of the current money related emergency, an unquestionable requirement read is Emergency by Thomas Woods. Accessible at Amazon, Barnes and Respectable, and Fringes.
  3. Why name these folks? Paul Volker helped dubious Dick Nixon engineer the limitlessly corrupt infringement of our legally binding commitments under the Bretton Woods understandings to trade gold for dollars. This moved the whole world onto an arrangement of fiat monetary forms without precedent for history. Recall this and you will see how the wrongdoings of the dads are visited upon the leaders of the kids. This is a piece of the fundamental hazard that made the current budgetary emergency. What’s more, to wrap things up Sir Alan Greenspan The Fallen Blessed messenger. Peruse or rehash Alan Greenspan’s article Gold and Monetary Opportunity distributed in 1967 in Ayn Rand’s Free enterprise the Obscure Perfect and you will Grok the suggestion to Fallen Blessed messenger. Alright, for those of you who are excessively strict, no I am not inferring that Alan once sat on the correct hand of god. Two bits for those of you who made sense of who the “not” god may be.
  4. This statement is a reference to Edwin Vieira, Jr’s. great two volume academic work on the historical backdrop of the American dollar Bits of Eight. In the event that you can ask, acquire or take a duplicate of these books, do. No, I don’t let my broadly sparkled duplicates (my kindergarten instructor would be so disappointed with me on such a large number of levels) out of my library. Sorry.

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