The Most Notable Movie and Film Moments of 2008

The Most Notable Movie and Film Moments of 2008

I refuse to do a Top Ten Films list. First, I have not visible sufficient films, only some dozen of the movies that have been launched this 12 months to be pretty honest. Second, whilst you begin micromanaging matters to that stage it’s so subjective as to be meaningless. So, we have got arise with 15 Notable Film Awards for 2008 that even the maximum hardcore film buffs may also have overlooked, forgotten approximately, now no longer visible, or simply undeniable now no longer have taken into consideration on the time. If you get something out of this set of awards, with any luck it will likely be a extra thorough expertise and appreciation of movie. Hahaha…simply kidding!

** Biggest Disappointment of 2008 **

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

While the argument may be made that Crystal Skull ought to proportion this award with X-Files: I Want to Believe, there may be absolute confidence that expectancies pressured it into the pinnacle spot. The unique Indiana Jones Trilogy is one of the maximum loved collection of movies of all time. X-Files, whilst having a difficult-middle following, had quite a lot dropped off the radar for maximum lovers for a whilst. From a script standpoint, X-Files turned into better. In the end, had X-Files been a weekly episode, it might have match in and performed pleasant. Crystal Skull turned into only a misfire on maximum each cylinder. Part of taking 17 years to paintings up a sequel whilst 12 months after 12 months pronouncing that you are going to must locate the “perfect” script sort of places lovers in a attitude that now that they have were given the movie rolling that they DID locate the proper script. Actually, they’ll have. Frank Darabont’s unique script Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods, which is set 65% of what hit the display turned into sincerely quite delightful. It took a mastermind of Lucas’ quality to strip all of the a laugh out and absolutely squash the existence out of it. Darabont’s script might not had been epic, however it simply had quite a few Indy “a laugh” in it and turned into a lot extra proper to the spirit of the person. With all that during mind, it turned into nevertheless suitable to peer Harrison Ford don the fedora again, and there have been some exceptional Indy moments. The motorbike chase withinside the first act turned into approximately as natural a laugh because the film were given, aleven though. Beyond that, if there may be going to be any extra Jones movies, please wait till George Lucas retires or dies. Get his palms out of the innovative process -ANY innovative process. Don’t agree with the man to plot your lunch menu at this point…except once you have up from the eating place desk you may declare that he shot first. The maximum becoming assessment for Crystal Skull ought to sarcastically come from a conventional film line withinside the afore-referenced scene from Harrison Ford himself: “Sorry approximately the mess.”

** Most Outstanding Film with a Rotten Climax **

Iron Man

We are presently withinside the Golden Age of comedian ee-e book movies. There are matters happening with this phenomenon. One is that virtual results have in the end reached a degree to carry the outrageousness of Super Hero comics to existence in extremely of a plausible manner, however 2nd is that filmmakers are beginning to take significantly the want for comedian ee-e book films to have a actual script and characters. Just recreating a duplicate of ink and paint tights and some tag strains isn’t sufficient. With that during mind, we were given the mind-numbingly first-rate Dark Knight that sort of got here and overshadowed the first-rate Iron Man on this capacity. Robert Downey, Jr turned into high-quality on this position, and aleven though Iron Man turned into by no means certainly considered one among my “books” at some point of my short few 12 months flirtation with the comedian ee-e book international in my more youthful years, he surely added the person to existence with a experience of justice. What got here collectively on display turned into so suitable 85% of the time, that by the point it got here to the extraordinarily mediocre “climactic battle” among Iron Man and the evil Iron Obadiah Jeff Bridges that it turned into absolutely forgivable as it turned into so enjoyable in each different respect. Great script, super results, self-gratification humor – all of the elements of a comedian ee-e book geek’s fable movie.

** Best Audience Reaction to a Poop Joke **

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

No manner I’ll break this, however as poop jokes go, Zack and Miri Make a Porno has a valuable one which had the target target market I noticed it with gasping in a combination of satisfaction and disgust. I loved it myself. Also, It’s noteworthy that Kevin Smith controlled to offer us probable his first-rate typical attempt but. While Zack and Miri might not had been the funniest film he is ever made, it simply turned into a pleasant flick from Smith. Definitely his maximum sharply directed and stable attempt but as a filmmaker.

** Best Kept Film Secret/Most Fun Movie Speculation **


If you have been to check films as a whole investment, advertising package deal, and product, Cloverfield might palms down be one of the first-rate Hollywood efforts of all time. Producer JJ Abrams’ mind infant of a “first person” Blair Witch Style large monster film turned into shrouded in thriller up till quickly earlier than release. Even the legitimate internet site failed to display something approximately what the film turned into going to be approximately or maybe the title. The reality that the script failed to leak is exceptional in present day day and age, and that turned into in part executed via way of means of retaining the forged complete of unknown gamers and now no longer allowing them to examine the script earlier than signing their contracts. Cloverfield itself turned into sincerely one of the 12 months’s first-rate films as well, aleven though there have been a few flaws with it that saved it from being certainly conventional. Complete loss of likeability and logical decision-making at the a part of the primary characters turned into my largest red meat with it. WAY an excessive amount of exposition withinside the first act nearly misplaced me as a viewer. However, as large monster films go, this turned into the first-rate time I had looking one seeing that my pre-teen “honeymoon” with the Godzilla collection on Channel four on weekends.

** The Loathsome and Offensive Yet I Cannot Look Away Award **

Funny Games

This film slipped beneathneath quite a few radars in 2008 as a remake of a French Film of the identical call and via way of means of the identical director. The movie is solely a mental test in how some distance you may push an target target market’s tolerance for being uncomfortable. As a viewer, the movie is painful to look at, places you via the wringer and there may be honestly not anything fun approximately it. However, it’s miles interesting, ruthless, intriguing, and forces you to need to peer the way it ends. It’s simply no a laugh getting there. It’s the tale of the way a own circle of relatives is taken hostage via way of means of younger psychotic serial killers and systematically performed with and tortured over the direction of 1 long, agonizing night. I turned into tossed to and fro via way of means of this film, at instances, being indignant approximately the director’s overt efforts to govern the target target market’s feelings and different instances admiring the movie’s strokes of genius. If this form of film does not sound like your cup of tea, do not lease it. But in case you actually need to revel in a totally distinctive fashion of movie withinside the horror/mystery style you may need to test this out. It’s something however preferred mystery-fare. Even in case you recall that “praise” I even have to mention that there have been numerous instances that I simply toyed with the reality that I failed to need to peer any extra of it and pretty much acted on that feeling. To at the present time I nevertheless do not know if I can say that I’m happy I watched it via to the end.

**Most Average Film That’s Still Going Get Blu-Ray Time in My Home **

Speed Racer

Over the remaining 25 years or so there had been numerous filmmakers which have claimed to be seeking to carry a “comedian ee-e book” to existence on display. We have the winner. I’ve constantly idea that Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy turned into absolutely puffed up on this respect. Giving the characters cloth cabinet selections which might be all number one colours does now no longer a comedian ee-e book film make. In this case, the Wachowski Brothers have been seeking to carry a caricature to existence, and what they placed on display turned into one of the maximum wacked out acid-tripping movies of all time. The film is visually lovely, and to be pretty honest, is absolutely honorable to it is supply fabric. I preferred Speed Racer. For what turned into got down to be executed, it turned into spot on. The actual hassle is that the supply fabric is not all that super to start with. If you are nevertheless looking DVDs on an vintage analog 19 inch TV, do not hassle with Speed Racer. But the aggregate of utter weirdness and unparalleled visible results paintings make this honestly really well worth a appearance. It’s the maximum literal definition of “eye candy” ever made.

** Funniest Film of the Year, Best Motion Picture Comedy in Ages **

Tropic Thunder

This is your profession Ben Stiller, and ya achieved suitable. This movie is a totally guilt-unfastened comedy it is stable begin to complete notwithstanding being hindered via way of means of an over-the pinnacle overall performance via way of means of Jack Black that simply appears absolutely out of place. It’s additionally one of the sharpest and funniest satire’s of the movie enterprise that you are going to get withinside the guise of a mainstream comedy. Even Tom Cruise brings down the residence on this, as does as an enjoyable assisting overall performance via way of means of Matthew McConaughey with a completely humorous name again comic story to position a capper at the climax of the movie. I’d additionally love to peer Robert Downey, Jr get a first-rate assisting actor nomination for this. He had super movies this 12 months. Just is going to show that it takes a actual hardcore recuperating addict to be continuously enjoyable at the display. In my mind, Tropic Thunder is the exception to an ever growing rule we see with film comedies: that the method for mainstream comedian achievement is to have simply sufficient humorous scenes to preserve the target target market entertained even though the relaxation of the movie is shit.

** Best Continued Dividends Paid By a Contract With Satan **


When Steve Jobs had his attorneys assist draft his settlement with Satan, he were given one of the first-rate offers in history. Lucifer’s attorneys are nevertheless scratching their heads on what the hell happened. With his stake in Pixar, in which he nevertheless sits at the board of directors, the appearance of the iPod and surviving bouts with apparently terminal most cancers this man has pop out smelling like a rose. The exceptional a part of this deal is that Pixar is not simplest sitting on a 14 12 months run of by no means liberating a financially unsuccessful movie, they have by no means even launched a “awful” film. Now do not get me wrong, once I’m on my deathbed asking to look at my favourite Pixar movies, a number of them like Cars and Finding Nemo may also get tossed aside, however they are nevertheless super films. There isn’t anyt any rationalization apart from a mystical deal. In 2008 they’ll have launched their first-rate movie seeing that Toy Story 2. Wall-E is not pretty as excessive as TS2 on my list, however it is a phenomenally suitable looking, well-made and scripted movie. The utter brillance of Wall-E is that it’s miles a totally enjoyable package deal for a person of honestly each age. For my four 12 months-vintage, it is one hellevu robotic film. For my over 30 lazy ass, it is one idea frightening masterpiece of approximately environmental problems, the human situation and the position of generation in taking our eyes off the plight of our planet in addition to a heart-warming love tale. And wow, we get Fred Willard to boot!. If you have not visible Wall-E, do not brush aside it due to the fact you’ve got evolved a seething hatred for Pixar after having visible Cars four hundred instances and having sold each unmarried piece of certified Cars products and apparel to your kids. Wall-E is high-quality, now no longer to say some other lovely cause to shop for a Blu-ray player.

** Best Reveal of 2008 **

Gillian Anderson in X-Files: I Want to BelieveSince 1993, the X-Files universe has been overly heavy with trench coats, hidden pregnancy, scientific scrubs, and bloodless wintery settings overlaying up the splendidly lovely frame of Gillian Anderson. Though the glimpse turned into a fleeting footnote to an in any other case ho-hum, disappointing movie, at the least we in the end were given to peer Ms. Anderson take it off and divulge her bikini clad frame in a calm, tropical putting because the credit roll. Sure, you may scour the net and locate scads of super topless or semi-nude and suggestive snap shots of Anderson, however it is now no longer Scully, damnit! Bravo to Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson…uh…type of.

** Most Fun Action Flick of 2008 **

Quantum of Solace

For a film franchise with dozens of movies over forty five years it is super to peer that there is nevertheless a laugh available with it. Solace hit all of the awful-ass notes that a terrific movement flick wishes and Daniel Craig is gradually transferring up in Bond circles as one of the maximum loved Bonds ever and deservedly so. While I nevertheless see the Bond franchise as a group of super moments and a handful of stable movies over the years, Solace proves that the Craig generation has been capable of breathe extra existence into some thing forty five years vintage than 1/2 of a dozen iced coffees at Starbucks will into me once I hit forty five someday withinside the subsequent decade. Awesome, sharp movement sequences in a single slam bang extremely good movement fest. Loved it.

** Best Continuation of a String of Mediocre Films Starring a Decent Actor **

Keanu Reeves in

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Not a lot to mention right here apart from Keanu appears to surely take his time deciding on roles that appear to be appealing to him. Bravo Mr. Reeves, now how approximately enjoyable us? The Day the Earth Stood Still is a logic-challenged mish-mash of mediocrity. Now, do not get me wrong, War of the Worlds some years in the past with Tom Cruise is some other pleasant instance of a conventional sci-fi movie remade right into a now no longer-so-super virtual results fest, however at the least War of the Worlds turned into FUN. Imagine any or the whole thing that turned into barely cool approximately War of the Worlds being stripped out and leaving the remainder. That’s The Day the Earth Stood Still. You’re so mad or bored on this film by the point the following aspect that is probably barely cool comes up that it is hardly ever really well worth the attempt. This script ought to have used more than one extra re-writes and or 3 extra scenes with John Cleese. That or a few gratuitous nudity may have helped.

** Most Painful 1 Hour forty three Minutes Spent withinside the Cinema This Year **

The Spirit

After cautious idea on this, this turned into clearly the worst film I had the displeasure of seeing this 12 months. The completed product felt like a piece print edit of a movie that that turned into crafted from a script that turned into four or five drafts from completion. The simplest honorable aspect Lions Gate ought to have achieved with this film turned into to allow it accumulate dirt on a shelf and positioned it direct to DVD in more than one years. I think they may have tossed approximately approximately forty% of what turned into shot out and attempted to rewrite and shoot some thing extremely identifiable as leisure to insert into the gap, however it might had been an uphill battle. For all people it is examine The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Spirit might be the nearest approximation to Vogon Poetry that the Human Race will ever achieve. Honorable Mention on this class is going to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. What a raging unhappiness that turned into, too. Not almost as awful as The Spirit, however additionally a painful movie to take a seat down via.

** Best Performance via way of means of an Actor in Lead Role (My Personal Pick) **

Michael Sheen in Frost/Nixon

When it comes right all the way down to it, that is a difficult name. Heath Ledger turned into stellar in The Dark Knight and merits each little bit of popularity he receives as much as and consisting of Best Actor if he wins it (which I do not assume he will). However, once I appearance again on the 30-forty movies I’ve absorbed this 12 months, the man that lit up the display for me the maximum turned into Michael Sheen. Recently, the actual David Frost condemned Frost/Nixon as now no longer traditionally accurate. He certified this via way of means of declaring that the activities and records depicted have been probable “10-15%” inaccurate. I’ve were given no red meat with the actual Frost, however who is he kidding? For a ancient drama primarily based totally on a real tale I’d say that 85-90�curate is quite damned impressive. Frost’s actual hassle with the movie is that it depicted him as having much less typical journalistic credibility on the time of the Nixon interviews than he felt he had. He’s probable right, however it is inconsequential to film itself. Sheen now no longer simplest absolutely absorbed this fabric, however he struck an brilliant stability of humor, angst and likeability withinside the element that it turned into difficult to now no longer discover with. It turned into a super position with Sheen portraying Frost as a person who costs head first right into a noticeably charged political interview now no longer worrying one flying bounce approximately the politics of the state of affairs or of former President Nixon himself. Frost finally ends up surrounded via way of means of humans with a political schedule and a stake in him nailing Nixon. For his personal sake he has to transport ahead and assist the ones humans”s agendas to keep away from his personal profession and monetary decimation. Frank Lamella has gotten genuinely-earned accolades for his portrayal of Nixon on this piece, however it turned into a super crime for Sheen to scouse borrow this display out from beneath Neath 1/2 of a dozen different first-rate performances on this film alone.

** Best Film of 2008 (My Personal Pick) **

The Dark Knight

It’s some distance from a super movie, however it is an uphill argument to mention that this movie is something however superb. It certainly is The Godfather of the Super Hero style. It’s a high-quality mental mob drama that simply takes place to be written round a conventional Comic Book Hero/Villain duo. While Michael Keaton’s Batman took on nearly a assisting position within side the extraordinarily faulty Batman Returns all the ones years in the past, while Christian Bale takes a again seat to Heath Ledger’s Joker in addition to an ensemble forged of a few our generation’s super actors (Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman etc…) it is within side the carrier of setting collectively a movie that surely will stand the check of time. Yes, the film has a handful of youngster issues.

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